NeuKocyte HOCl
Water of Hypochlorous Acid


Disinfect safely with slightly acidic electrolyzed water, the HOCl.

HOCl is made naturally in white blood cells as a key component of the internal immune system, working to kill pathogens, fight against infection, reduce inflammation, control responses to injury, and enhance the body healing process.

The human body uses innate, non-specific mechanisms as the first line of defense against pathogens, infection and injury. The skin itself, and mucous secretions at epithelial membranes, are both important elements of the innate resistance response. But when these are breached, HOCl is immediately generated by the body in response as the key chemical component of innate immunity.

Increase your hygiene levels without damaging your goods or your facilities. Maintain the quality of your products in an economical, effective way.

A solution to every hygiene problem

continuous HOCl water generator

We produce HOCl in seconds, and continuously, like tap water.

Why choose us

HOW NeuKocyte is UNIQUE

Quality Management

Certification of ISO 13485 Medical Devices System.
With 10+ years of experience we specializes in product and solution management.

Continuous Output

No waiting, Instantly produce, we providing an ecologically safe alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals in REAL time.

ONE Solution fits ALL

We help to meet the growing demand for safe foods and environmentally friendly non-toxic disinfectants and cleaning fluids.

Flexible Prices

Variety model from household usage to industry scale


We help to keep your installations bacteria-free.

Food Processing

Food Processing

  • food production, preparation areas, equipment and surfaces
  • Fish, chicken and pork products
  • Guest rooms and tables
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Water Treatment

    Water Treatment

  • swimming pool
  • rural drinking water
  • rainwater recycling
  • odor control
  • Kindergarten


  • bed and wheelchair washing
  • laundry pre-treatments
  • day care center
  • dental and clinic disinfection
  • Pet Groomer

    Pet Groomer

    visit Pet-Baby for further information



  • agriculture and horticulture
  • livestock
  • poultry farming
  • We providing an ecologically safe alternative to toxic cleaning chemicals.
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    Product Conformity

    NeuKocyte Series

    Variety model from household usage to industry scale


    Best seller

    Elite 328i

    HOCl Generator for
    household / small business

    NeuKocyte is the leading Hypochlorous acid developer and is the only manufacturer of slightly acidic electrolysis sterilization water with research, development capabilities, and production technology in Taiwan.
    • FAC:> 30 ppm
    • capacity:230 liter/hour
    • electrolyte:0.5 ml, per liter HOCl
    • weight:3.2 Kg
    • dimention:H310 X W280 X D110 mm




    No SALT

    Salt is easy but a generator using salt as its electrolyzing material will cause strong alkaline by-product NaOH and will thus make the pH value of final product larger than 7 with Na-related compound, just like BLEACH.


    Medical Grade HCl

    Do not hesitate to its name! HCl has variety usage and is adopted in various industry. When being electrolyte, it will break down to H2 and then dissipate into air, result in final solvent contains only “pure” HOCl in acidic.


    High Efficiency Device

    HOCl got best disinfection power when it is ACIDIC. If we make it alkaline, HOCl will turn into OCl-( an ion), its sterilizing power will decrease. This’s why all salt device always produce very high concentration “HOCl”.


    Rule of Safety and Simple

    NeuKocyte necessaries are quite simple: a faucet, electrical outlet, and electrolyte. Clients too can set it up at almost anyplace as long as there are running water and electricity supply ( hard water is also good to use).



    The only by-product during is H2 and will then dissipate into air; there is no harmful NaOH within NeuKocyte HOCl. We make HOCl as it should be.


    TRUE HOCl in seconds

    Just turn on tap water and it will make HOCl in seconds. Clients can operate NeuKocyte alone or setup with a tank and a simple high-low level controller to turn on or off the machine automatically.

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